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Wolf and
the Raven


We all deserve to feel relief in our bodies


When we're relaxed, we enjoy our lives more fully --

We feel good in our skin, wake feeling rested, and show up 

present with the people we love

and the projects that make life meaningful.

For most of us, "relief" is fleeting at best

My clients want to feel balanced, energized,

and relaxed in their everyday lives.

They come to me 

burned-out on work,

exhausted from motherhood,

and fed up with the state of our world

"Living with ease" may seem

out of reach,

impractical, or

impossible for our situation

Through working with me and the tools I use,

these same tension-filled clients are finally able to feel at ease consistently

"I have no desire to save you
I only wish to show you the light that exists within you, so you can save



"Since experiencing Becky’s Womb Healing,

my recent periods have been the most PAIN-FREE CYCLES in years.

My bleeding is shorter, my nervous system

is more open to sex, and I feel restored trust + confidence

in my relationships with myself and others.

Becky fosters a genuine, nurturing environment to safely release tender traumas, and to restore a visceral sense of self-trust & strength"


Image by Hans Vivek
becky wolf.jpeg


I have been helping people feel relief in their bodies

for almost 20 years

I’ve got people in their 80's, people in their teens,

and everybody in between!

My primary tools focus on the physical body:




& Ayurvedic yoga

These tools provide space for energy to flow

and bring balance to the body

Through our sessions, my clients are able to

feel freedom and relief in their bodies,.

They leave with practical tools they can use

to manage stress in their day-to-day lives.

Bodywork, massage therapy,

private & group yoga classes,

& Ayurvedic wellness coaching

have been my main tools and offerings over the years

The services I offer have evolved and expanded

to incorporate more holistic techniques

that contain the value of my whole toolbox

and range as a practitioner.

Whether we're focusing on

physical bodywork or energetic healing,

the core of my work is allowing my clients to

feel empowered ease in their personal journeys to

connect mind, body, and soul

About Me



Craniosacral *

Massage Therapy

Oncology Massage **

Thai Yoga Muscle Stretching

60m | $90  

90m | $125

120m | $150  

Local to Chaplin, Minnesota


Craniosacral balancing includes the nerves, bones, fluid, and connective tissues of the spine and skull using gentle pressure, stretching of tissues, subtle body, and light touch.



I trained with Tracy Walton to properly work with people at all stages of cancer treatments


Soul Alchemy
Energy Medicine

45-60m | $90m

Virtual energy work has been proven effective for my clients and millions across the globe. 

Energy is beyond the physical.

It travels, communicates, and exists on other planes of existence. 

These sessions can feel like a casual conversation with a friend, a deep dive with a safe therapist, or an adventure with an intuitive guide!

To make your at-home experience more comfortable, you could consider...

  • scheduling during nap/school/babysitter

  • have your session in your car!

  • setting white noise outside your room


1:1 & Group Lessons
Virtual & In-Person


60m | $90

addt'l guest (10 max) | $10

Hatha tradition uses

asana (physical poses),



and mantra

to help get past obstacles

that are both at the front of our mind and buried in our subconscious

I've taught yoga for years. I love these private sessions now because I can help people find their own way to what feels good in their bodies -


especially people who maybe have felt like yoga "wasn't for them"



Receive a fully custom

nutrition & wellness strategy to dive deep

& re-balance your body's specific needs



Step 1

Fill out an Intake Form so I can get to know your current needs, patterns, & body type (dosha). This will be emailed to you immediately after you click "Book Now!" below. I will intuitively analyze this data & craft a wellness plan personalized exactly to you, with the intention to balance your physiology

Step 2

Schedule your Wellness Day consult!

After you email me a copy of your Intake Form, I'll be in touch to to set up a date for your full consult

Step 3

Receive your personalized wellness plan!

We'll meet on your Wellness Day for a consult to go over your environment & patterns, discuss the custom nutrition & wellness strategy I've created for you, and go over your specific needs.

You get access to me for the entire day through text & voice messages. You can ask questions to your heart's content, receive clarification on your Ayurvedic treatments, & dive deep into any of your curiosities about Ayuervedic wellness for your body's wellbeing & specific daily life

Image by Pratiksha Mohanty


  • you've tried lots of options to relieve pain and discomfort in your body, to little avail

  • you're feeling cynical about mainstream healthcare, and tired of focusing exclusively on one part of the body while ignoring the rest

  • you're feeling stressed, burned out, and need a wellness care plan that can practically fit into your daily life as-is

I facilitate...

  • softening a mother's tight shoulders

  • easing creaky joints for people sitting at your desk all-day

  • physical & emotional comfort for people during all stages of cancer treatments

If you’d like to...

  • relieve pain, discomfort, and stress

  • manage your mental health, emotions, & energy levels

  • feel more rested/relaxed/energized in your physical body,

I have tools and experiences to help you breathe & rest deeper

If you, like many of my clients (and myself) have spent years putting others before yourself...

You have an opportunity to prioritize your own rest.


By putting yourself and your wellbeing first, you can show up fully

to your business, family, job, and most importantly -


Stay Connected

Join Wolf and the Raven's (very sporadic ;) email list, and you'll be the first to know about openings in my calendar, new offers, & upcoming healing events!

See you around!

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